Probate Law

Make Sure Your Loved One's Estate Is Handled Properly

Choose us as your probate attorney

It can be tough when a loved one dies without a will or trust. Even with documents in place, dealing with the probate process can be confusing for anyone who's not familiar with it. Luckily, a probate attorney can help.

Lavelle and Rittenhouse Attorneys at Law brings years of experience to every probate situation. We can work with you and your family to execute the will, distribute the assets and ensure that everyone gets what they deserve.

Whether you're facing a will contest or guardianship dispute, leave the legal troubles to us. Rely on a local law firm to handle all your probate needs.

Reap the benefits of hiring a probate attorney

Probate is a complicated area of the law that requires legal guidance. When you hire us to help, our attorneys will:

  • Take care of the court filings
  • Gather the legal documents
  • Contact all beneficiaries and distribute the assets
  • Ensure that our work matches or exceeds all legal requirements

From estate settlements to will contests and beyond, Lavelle and Rittenhouse Attorneys at Law can tackle your every probate issue. Connect with us now to schedule a consultation.

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